Managed IT Services

Managed IT Services Perth, Fremantle & Esperance

Managed IT Services combine flat-rate, unlimited IT support for a monthly fixed fee with the proactive monitoring of IT workstations and infrastructure.

Why are Managed IT Services important?

Managed IT Services give you the peace of mind that our IT experts take care of your IT 24/7 so you can focus on running your business.

We offer proactive support with our managed IT services. Instead of us constantly fixing problems, we try to identify problems before they arise, keeping your systems up and your problems down.

Our Managed IT package, includes strategic planning and a vCIO service. We sit down together with key stake holders and we go through the current company needs and we assess the growth with system compatibility and expectations. We help you plan ahead and provide you with an unbiased advice to achieve your goals. This links backs to proactive support and ensures that your IT infrastructure and software is upgraded and updated to achieve minimise risks and downtime.

Our managed IT services provides you with access to a complete IT department. You don’t just get day-to-day IT support; you also get an IT manager and a virtual CIO so you can think strategically about how IT fits into your organisation.

Challenges of Managed IT Services

Moving to managed IT services may come with some challenges:

  • Accountability: You are going with managed IT services because you want to improve your operational efficiency and remove the amount of IT problems that affect your team. The team at G2IT is fully accountable and we’ll make sure that we are delivering on these improvements. We offer effective reporting so you can see exactly how much work we’ve been doing for you and how much improvement in efficiency and productivity we’re are providing.
  • Track record: We can provide you with a track record before you engage us for your managed IT services. We can demonstrate track records on delivering proactive service and measurable outcomes. We can provide references from current clients and have dealt with clients in many industries.

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