IT Sales & IT Procurement

Get the right hardware & software for your business with expert IT procurement advice by G2IT.

What is hardware & software procurement?

IT procurement is the process of acquiring information technology products and services. IT procurement involves both strategic and administrative responsibilities, such as requesting quotations and proposals, requests for information and managing supplier relationships.

The procurement process includes conducting market research, price negotiation, establishing terms and conditions for services, resolving invoice discrepancies and communicating the status of purchases with stakeholders.

Evaluating and procuring hardware and software without expert advice can be a time-consuming, high-risk and resource-draining exercise for your business. The team at G2IT has the knowledge and skills necessary to procure hardware and software for you efficiently and with a minimum of disruption to your organisation.

You’ll benefit from G2IT’s exclusive relationships with the largest ICT vendors globally, along with high volume buying power. We will take the time to understand your business requirements and make unbiased recommendations according to your business needs.

We will handle the hardware and software procurement process, see you through project implementation and assist you with old hardware decommissioning, while providing an end-to-end management service.

G2IT’s IT procurement service includes but not limited to:

  • Server and storage equipment (IBM, HP, Dell, LENOVO, Nutanix)
  • Server and storage software (Microsoft, Linux, Nutanix, Veeam, StorageCraft)
  • Workstations, POS and mobile devices (Lenovo, HP, Dell, Senor)
  • Network equipment and software (HP, Cisco, Ubiquity, Fortinet, Aruba)
  • Security software (SentinelOne, Trend, Fortinet)
  • Communication equipment and software (3CX, Microsoft UC, Yalink)
  • Software systems and licensing (Microsoft / Office365, Veeam, 3CX, etc…)

We can also assist with the management of guarantees and warranties and work with vendors if repairs are required.

Why do I need software procurement services?

When using G2IT’s IT procurement service, you can rest assured that all your software licensing needs are satisfied from one trusted source. Your systems will interact smoothly and you’ll have only one point of contact across your IT portfolio.

G2IT’s software procurement services will help you deliver operational efficiency, reduce downtime and will improve your business continuity, as well as reduce risks to the business caused by software related failures.

G2IT’s exclusive partnerships with leading providers give you access to all the software solutions your business needs, and the expertise to support them. You will receive tailored solutions designed specifically for your business and are be able to access exclusive discounts.

Why do I need hardware procurement services?

The experts at G2IT have the expertise, industry knowledge, and close partnerships with leading manufacturers and suppliers to bring the perfect IT hardware solution to your business.

G2IT’s experienced professionals will procure hardware tailored to your business’s needs and exclusive partnerships with leading hardware suppliers mean that we can access the best equipment and the best prices.

You can rest assured that each device procured by G2IT will work with the rest of the infrastructure. We are experienced and skilled to procure, install and support IT hardware and infrastructure, starting with network switches or workstation to large servers and extensive storage solutions.

Why work with G2IT?

Apart from procuring a wide range of quality hardware and software, G2IT can also arrange third party contractors to complete associated works such as communications and electrical services. G2IT are your one-stop-shop for hardware and software procurement services, offering outstanding service and bulk buying power.

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