IT Maintenance

Reduce the stress of ICT infrastructure maintenance and support, for businesses in Perth, Fremantle and Esperance.

Running a business today requires a multitude of information technology assets either on-premise or in the Cloud computing space. The maintenance and support of these assets can be complex, costly and may distract you from focusing on key business objectives.

G2IT’s maintenance and support services for on-premise or cloud workloads can assist your business achieve maximum performance and output from your infrastructure. This goal can only be achieved with right expertise and technology choices. We can help keep your technology secured, maintained and running smoothly. It is important to understand that compromised infrastructure in one way or form can be averted, if only best practises are followed during the configuration and maintenance of your ICT systems. We help your organisation implement:

  • Password Policy
  • Security Policy
  • Backup and Disaster Recovery Strategy
  • Security Strategy
  • IT related procedures for staff and contractors

Why use G2IT’s IT maintenance and support services Perth?

We offer a broad range of maintenance and support services for our clients in Perth, Fremantle and Esperance.

Below are examples of what our team can offer: 

  • Monthly or on-demand maintenance services- software updates, parts only shipment and onsite replacement.
  • Support services– enhance existing IT engineering capabilities, giving your staff a place to call for expert advice when needed.
  • License renewal management– our technicians will work closely with your organisation to ensure that licenses and maintenance contracts are renewed prior to expiry.
  • Inventory management– our technicians can provide ready access to information such as machine configurations, asset numbers, location details, configuration details and serial numbers.
  • Multivendor capability/contract management- We can bring together your maintenance agreements as a single provider, reducing the complexity of managing service levels and relationships with multiple vendors.
  • 24 x 7 service desk- Our service desk provides call logging, incident management, remote support, escalation to level support and service level reporting.

What you get when working with G2IT

  • We’ll treat your IT with care
  • Minimise your downtime
  • 15+ years’ experience
  • Reduced support cost
  • Increased manageability of your systems
  • One-stop-shop for IT support
  • Perth based cloud hosting
  • Fully Australian owned company

Get in touch with us on 1300 325 487 or connect on Facebook and LinkedIn.