Nutanix - Hyperconverged Infrastructure

What is Nutanix hyperconverged infrastructure?

Hyper-converged infrastructure (HCI) is a software-defined IT infrastructure that virtualises all of the elements of conventional "hardware-defined" systems. HCI includes virtualised computing, a virtual SAN and virtualised networking. HCI typically runs on commercial off-the-shelf servers. Nutanix HCI platform and its leadership group, has been been leading the way in Software Defined Infrastructure for the last decade. Gartner research group has recognised Nutanix as a leader in the field for the past 7 years.

Why choose Nutanix?

Nutanix is a leading provider for hyperconverged infrastructure that helps simplify IT infrastructure and offers cloud services that just work.

Nutanix HCI integrates compute, virtualisation, storage, networking, and security to power any application, at any scale. Nutanix software and cloud services unify IT operations and bring frictionless application mobility across different cloud environments.

The HCI software stack includes:

  • Software-defined storage; AOS
  • Infrastructure control plane; Prism
  • Acropolis hypervisor; AHV
  • Database-as-a-Service offering; Era
  • Application self-service and app life-cycle management; Nutanix Calm
  • S3 object storage; Nutanix Objects
  • Disaster recovery service; Xi Leap

Nutanix offers subscription, term-based software licenses that are portable across hardware platforms and clouds.

G2IT has partnered with Nutanix HCI platform to deliver our customers the best in business platform in software defined infrastructure, failover clustering and high availability services. Nutanix platform provides free data protection and file level recovery for its customers. With best in the world support and execution, makes them a partner of our choice.

G2IT has implemented a number of appliances, ranging from Lenovo to SuperMicro HCI platforms.

Why chose G2IT as provider for Nutanix support Perth?

  • Experts and Partner in integrating Nutanix hyperconverged infrastructure
  • Reduced support cost through managed services
  • Increased manageability of your systems
  • One-stop-shop for IT support
  • Perth based cloud hosting
  • Fully Australian owned company

Nutanix Support Perth, Fremantle and Esperance

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