Protect your data while working from home

5th Aug 2020

Protect your data while working from home

With the Coronavirus spreading across the world and forcing many people into social isolation and lockdown, many of us are now working from home. This is uncharted territory for a lot of people, who are used to offices with powerful internet services and workstations regulated by stringent IT security.

At home, many people have basic Internet connections with standard security measures like password protection. But they could be vulnerable to cyber-attack as criminals seek to find and exploit weak points in workplaces that have suddenly switched from well-protected centralised networks to distributed ones. 

In these uncertain times, it’s vital that companies and workers alike beef up their cybersecurity so businesses can continue to function unimpeded.

Review your security measures

Whether you have a company seeking to send workers home or someone working remotely, it’s a wise move to review the security measures you already have in place and ensure they are all working.

  • Is your desktop computer or laptop equipped with the latest internet security measures?
  • Are you able to use encryption services?
  • Is your home internet connection secure?

Make sure you thoroughly review the protections you have in place and make sure they are up to the very latest standards.

Develop strong IT protection measures

It’s a wise move for any companies sending workers to log-on at home that they develop customised security plans for this situation.

Developing extra security measures like using a Virtual Protected Network (VPN) can add extra layers of protection that will allow workers to log on from outside sources that can be trusted.

If you are working from home, it’s vital to follow your company’s IT instructions to the letter so your computer doesn’t become a weak point.

Get expert help from G2IT

At G2IT we specialise in creating personalised IT services for businesses in and around Perth and Esperance, and are readily available to help home users as well.

We can help your company and its workers ensure that when they work from home they're able to do so securely, allowing your business to continue without interruption from malicious cyber-attacks or data theft.

If you or your organisation require any assistance, or simply have any questions regarding securing data, feel free to reach out to us anytime or connect on Facebook or LinkedIn