Knowing your data rights, and what it means for commercial use

2nd Sep 2020

One of the most important parts of any company's operations is the way data is handled. With data being the key to understanding customer behaviour and sales patterns, capitalising on this can be extremely important to a company's success. Just as important is ensuring that customer data remains secure and isn't at risk of a breach. Here is an explanation of what data protection legislation there is in Australia, and what it means for you.

What legislation exists on a federal level?

On a federal level, Australian privacy laws are based on the Privacy Act of 1988, which put the Australian Privacy Principles into law. These principles govern exactly how data should be handled and regulated in Australia, whilst receiving updates as the use of data in society has gradually changed. The latest of these updates occurred in the Privacy Amendment Act 2013, which put 13 Privacy Principles such as the quality, security, access and correction of personal data.

There is additionally the requirement to inform your customers in the event that there is a data breach, and evidence that unsolicited data collection could be solicited. Although companies may hold the data, it's customers who have the right to adjust and even withdraw their data if they choose to.

Is there legislation on a state level?

Most of the states have their own specific privacy legislation, although this is not the case in Western Australia. In Western Australia, the main applicable privacy legislation is that which comes from a federal level, meaning you will need to adhere strictly to the 13 Privacy Principles. If you don't follow these principles, your company could be at risk of legal action from your customers or the Privacy Commissioner. Although the regulation states that companies with turnovers of over AU$3 million must be compliant, smaller organisations are also strongly recommended to follow the principles as good business practice.

How can I stay data secure?

The best way to ensure that your data remains secure is by taking on a team of IT support experts at G2IT. We have over a decade of experience in IT support and are in it for the long-haul. If you need assistance when establishing a data security policy, get in touch with G2IT today. One of our friendly team of experts will help you to establish the right policy for your company. Call 1300 325 487 or connect on Facebook and LinkedIn.