IT Governance

27th Feb 2020

IT governance, sometimes referred to as ITG, is the name given to the processes that analyse and ensure the efficient use of IT in a business or organisation to help the business achieve specific goals. Below we take a look at IT governance in more detail…

IT governance explained

Often the responsibility of IT governance is handed over to business owners, directors and executives and they must ensure the IT equipment used by the organisation helps support their organisational structures and the goals of the company. Effective IT governance finds faults and issues in existing IT structures and solves them, ensuring the organisation can run as efficiently as possible.

Examples of IT governance

Effective IT governance ensures an organisation's business and IT strategies align and support one another. Some examples of IT governance include…

• Understanding risk or Risk Assessment

One of the basic levels of IT governance is the calculation of how IT may create risk for a business, and how to avoid or solve this risk. For example, does your organisation collect customer data? Is your data being stored and handled in a safe and legal way?

• Understand the function of IT

Another important IT governance example is to understand the role of IT in an organisation. For example, you should determine how IT enhances your business, and how IT could be used to take your business further.

Why is IT governance important?

Every organisation that uses IT in some form should follow an IT governance structure to ensure they are operating as efficiently and effectively as possible. Good IT governance ensures your business is working towards a clear goal and your plant, equipment, staff and structures are communicating effectively and streamlining workflow. IT governance also ensures your business is following all necessary legal practices, e.g. data security and the safe handling of employee and customer data.

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