YubiKey in Western Australia

22nd Sep 2021

Multifactor Authentication made easy!

What is Multifactor Authentication (MFA)?

Multifactor authentication, or MFA, is the concept used to prove who you are by presenting at least two of the following:

  • something you know, such as a password or PIN
  • something you have, such as an LCD security token or a smartphone
  • something you are, such as biometrics, like fingerprints or voice recognition

However, these ways of logging in are not secure. A study conducted in 2019 discovered that more than 50% of participants:

  • Reuse password and email combinations across multiple platforms
  • Share passwords with colleagues, friends, and family
  • Do not use multi-factor authentication at work or in their personal life.

This means that more than half of the participants are engaged in risky behaviour, making them an easy target for cyber threats.

While MFA is not a guarantee to protect against cyber-crime, it is recommended by the ACSC that organisations implement MFA as part of a security baseline, known as the Essential Eight

This is where YubiKey enters the stage.

YubiKey – easy-to-use, strong multi-factor authentication for users in Perth, Fremantle and Esperance

A YubiKey is a physical, all-in-one configurable security key that makes your life password free! The keys stop account takeovers using strong two-factor, multi-factor and password less authentication, and seamless touch-to-sign.

YubiKeys provide multi-protocol support; FIDO2/WebAuthn, U2F, Smart card, OpenPGP, OTP and are compatible with USB-A, USB-C, Lightning and NFC.

YubiKeys are certified to the latest FIDO2 version, meaning they allow organisations to implement strong MFA and ensure best possible compliance with Essential Eight.



G2IT are authorised YubiKey resellers in Western Australia



G2IT are authorised YubiKey resellers in Western Australia, with physical locations in Perth, Fremantle, and Esperance. 

We are members of the Australian Cyber Security Centre and work hard to keep our clients, their businesses, families, and connections safe and secure.

We strongly recommend the use of YubiKeys to protect your personal and business accounts. 

You can use YubiKeys as part of your cyber security strategy.

What do you get with working with G2IT?

  • Reduced down-time of your systems
  • Increased security of your business and private accounts
  • One-stop-shop for IT support
  • Perth based with offices in Fremantle & Esperance
  • Fully Australian owned company

Get in touch with us to chat about YubiKeys, cyber security and all things IT: call 1300 325 487 or connect on Facebook and LinkedIn.